Capt. Gibbrael IsaakCapt. Gibbrael Isaak

Message from The President Director, Capt. Gibbrael Isaak

Dear valued clients,

Air transportation for goods and passengers in the current world of globalization has become a basic necessity where demand is growing.

PT. Tri-M.G. Airlines was established to participate in the provision of this demand since 2002. It has, through the last decade, been an active player in the South East Asian region to provide support for shippers of goods and cargo.

Tri-M.G. has managed to assemble dedicated staff that include crew members and engineers, who are capable of operating and maintaining our equipments in excellent and airworthy condition.

We are proud to announce that Tri-M.G. has been able to provide its customers with reliable, efficient and economical services. Our integrity and credibility in the regional market speaks for itself. And we intend to continue providing these services while enhancing its quality throughout.


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